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Project Description

TMap for VS2010 Process Template.

A structured test management approach for VS2010 delivered by a Process Template with a detailed descriptive guidance .

Microsoft is delivering a toolset for the tester with Visual Studio 2010. VS2010 is not only going to support development testing or system testing but the whole stack of the testing practice including acceptance testing (manual testing).

Sogeti's structured test management approach -TMap- is a worldwide known and adopted methodology for testing.
This structured testing approach offers the following advantages:
  • it can be used in any situation, regardless of who the client is or which system development approach is used.
  • it delivers insight into, and advice on, any risks in respect of the quality of the tested system
  • it finds defects at an early stage
  • it prevents defects
  • the testing is on the critical path of the total development as briefly as possible, so that the total lead time of the development is shortened
  • the test products (e.g. test cases) are reusable
  • the test process is comprehensible and manageable.
The 4 essentials of TMap The specific TMap content of a structured test approach can be summarised in four essentials.
  1. TMap is based on a business-driven test management (BDTM) approach.
  2. TMap describes a structured test process.
  3. TMap contains a complete tool box.
  4. TMap is an adaptive test method.

The support for all the different test tasks by VS 2010, combined with the power of TFS 2010 to guide processes and Sogeti’s method for structured software testing -TMap- is a major win to the application lifecycle. To get this structured software testing method ‘TMap’ into TFS2010 we made a process template with a detailed describtive guidance which you can find on this Codeplex site.

TMAP Getting Started

Instructions to get you started with (installing) TMAP for Vs2010.

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