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TMap for VS2010 Process Template Guidance


Welcome to the guidance page / wiki with content to support -TMap for VS2010 -.
This guidance contains a full description and detailed how to's of the test management approach TMap for Visual Studio 2010. It contains explanations of the role responsibilities, tasks and delivered artifacts together with detailed information about useful TMap reports. The guidance can be read from cover to cover, but also jumping form topic to topic is a good way to find your way. The process template in the download section is connected to specific topics in this guidance.

Video with an overview of the TMap for VS2010 process template Launch in another window

This guidance will change on an almost daily basis. Content is added, practices are tuned and knowledge is upgraded about how to execute a high quality Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2010 and the Test Management Approach (TMap.)

MSF for Agile Software Development 
MSF for CMMI Process Improvement


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Hi, you might have a duplciate entry here:

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