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Assessing the test basis

Test basis: The test basis is the information that defines the required system behavior.

Assessing the test basis

To obtain, with the client’s agreement, a test basis that is of sufficient quality for designing the test cases. In order to determine this, a testability review of the test basis is carried out during this phase, which will provide insight into the testability of the system.
There is another reason for assessing or evaluating the test basis, apart from establishing its testability. Evaluation activities can reveal potentially expensive defects at an early stage of the development and test processes. The test basis forms the blueprint for the new system to be built. Anything that is not mentioned in the test basis is left to the development team to solve.

To capture findings of the assessment in Visual Studio the work item “Test basis finding” needs to be used. This work item describes an inconsistency or other finding in the description of the test basis or missing test basis in the information that defines the required system behavior. When these work items are created and assigned they can track the work done to correct the defect and verify the correction. The work item type “Test basis finding” is inherited from the “bug” work item type but they are seperatly used, due to the artifacts they describe findings on.

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While both the (definition of the) test basis and the agreed test strategy are specified in the test plan, the test basis is often not yet available at the time of creating the test plan. In the preparation phase, it has to be investigated whether the test basis delivered corresponds with, and is usable for, the previously established agreements in the plan.

Entry Criteria

  • The Preparation phase starts as early as possible following the consolidation of the test plan and after the consolidated test basis is made available*




Exit Criteria

  • Approved test plan.

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