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Collection of the test basis

Test basis The test basis is the information that defines the required system behavior.

The definition of the relevant information for the execution of the test is in principle already established in the test plan (e.g. functional and technical designs, requirements, use cases, user manuals, interview reports, prototype, and reference system). However, it is possible that, in respect of the exit information, changes have taken place. The test plan should then be amended and the identification of the information reviewed. Finally, the various parts of the test basis are actually collected. Eventually, of course, the test team should have the correct (version of the) test basis at its disposal.

A point to bear in mind here is that the test basis does not always have to be present, complete, up to date, or established in documentation. A test basis often appears to be incomplete because, for example, non-functional requirements have not been specified, while they are nevertheless considered to be risk-related. By alerting the project to this, a (timely) trigger is created for bringing it to attention.

Test basis in VSTS

The test basis in project running and maintained in Visual Studio is actually direct accessible for the tester from the environment he is working in. If it’s a project running on an agile methodology or a project which is managed with a more formal structure, all the information is accessible from the environment, the tester doesn’t have to search for information.

In an agile project requirements, better user needs, are written down in user stories. These user stories are available in the repository as shown below.

camano us.png
Test basis information accessible through the testing center.

project portal.png
Test basis information accessible through the project portal.

VS us.png
Test basis information accessible within Visual Studio.

With the release of VSTS 2010 also more additional information is available for the tester (if created by the team), these are UML diagrams or even sketchflow prototypes

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