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Create Master Test Plan

The master test plan describes who performs which type of testing and when. Ideally this master test plan covers all types of tests, from unit testing to acceptance testing. However, sometimes the scope is limited to only black-box testing (system and acceptance testing) or only to development testing (white-box testing and system testing). Since these types of tests plans affect several disciplines, the various objectives, tasks, responsibilities and deliverables have to be described accurately. In larger projects an assignment with respect to the creation and subsequent coordination of the execution of such a test plan is often the responsibility of the manager of an independent (black-box) test team. On the basis of an agreed master test plan, more detailed test plans are made, mostly one for white-box testing, one for system testing and one for acceptance testing. These separate test plans are the responsibility of the various parties that are involved in the testing process.



  • Setting up the total test process by:
  • Aligning the test levels.
  • Minimizing overlaps or gaps in the test coverage.
  • Optimal distribution of available resources.
  • The method for the system to be developed or maintained or the package to be implemented.
  • The client for the total test process.

Entry Criteria

  • Aim and importance of the system or package for the organization.
  • Global requirements.
  • The organization of the development process.
  • Overall (delivery) planning.
  • Global system size (in function points or hours).
  • The method for the system to be developed or maintained or the package to be implemented.
  • The client for the total test process.


Exit Criteria

check-TMap_1.gif The application diagram has been saved and checked in. If the solution architecture needs to be proven, an architectural prototype has validated key scenarios and quality of service requirements against the identified applications and the connections between them.
check-TMap_1.gif If warranted, a prototype is completed that mitigated a technology risk or validated the identified subsystems, the interfaces between them, and any key user interactions.
check-TMap_1.gif If a security objective has been addressed, any vulnerabilities have been scheduled for this or an upcoming iteration.
check-TMap_1.gif If the deployment environment has been determined, the saved and checked in logical datacenter diagram reflects the current deployment environment.

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