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Creating checklists

The checklists are created, on the basis of the test strategy laid down in the test plan, for the various part objects/characteristics under test. These checklists form a guide in assessing the test basis.

With the aid of checklists, the test basis is checked for testability. During this activity, the checklists needed for the testing are created. Depending on the selected test design techniques, test types, information sources that determine the test basis and the part objects/characteristics under test, one or more checklists should be created.

docx.png Checklist “Test design techniques (

Checklists in VSTS

Creating and using checklists isn’t something you want to do in an agile project. But the goal of these checklists are really valuable, for example the check if the test basis is useful for the selected test design technique isn’t something you want to figure out the moment everybody has left the building. This kind of information / knowledge is something you have to learn over time and the help of an experienced tester is a must.

With in VSTS several checks can be automated, these checks can run during a build daily or continues, they can be executed by using static analysis or during the check-in in the version control system. With the the TMap process template several checks are delivered in the box.

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