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Defining the infrastructure

For a comprehensive description of test environments and tools, please refer to section 8.4 “Test environments” and section 8.5 “Test tools”, respectively.


Determining the infrastructure required for the test process at an early stage, in particular the parts that must be set up for multiple test levels or have a relatively long order time.


  • Defining the test environment Every test level requires a test environment to execute the tests. This environment is roughly composed of the following components:- Communication resources - Facilities to create and use files - Procedures
  • Defining test tools The required test tools are defined roughly. Test tools can provide support for most test activty
  • Defining the office setup The office infrastructure (work spaces, meeting rooms, telephones, PCs, network connections, offi ce software, printers, etc) required for testing is defi ned in outline.
  • Establishing the infrastructure planning. For all of the required parts of the infrastructure, it is determined who is responsible for their elaboration, selection and acquisition. Agreements are recorded. An overall planning is also created with the times at which the various facilities must be available.
  • Preconditions
[<strong>ZIN VERANDEREN</strong>]Preconditions are understood to mean conditions imposed on the test process by third parties, such as the client, the project or the users, within which the test process must operate. * Assumptions [<strong>ZIN VERANDEREN</strong>]
These are external conditions or events that must occur to ensure the test process’ success, but that cannot be controlled by the test process. In other words, these are the requirements of the test process vis-à-vis others.

Exit Criteria

check-TMap.gif The description of the required infrastructure at the overall level, including planning, laid down in the master test plan.

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txt_1.png Checklist “Office setup” (
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