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Defining the organisation



Defining the roles, tasks, authorisations and responsibilities applying for the total test process across the test levels.


  • Determining required roles. To ensure good alignment between the various test levels, it is determined globally which test roles (see chapter 16 “Test Roles”) must be distinguished and fulfi lled.
  • Allocating tasks, authorisations and responsibilities. This shows the tasks and responsibilities per required role. Not yet at the level of the test levels (it is described in the detailed test plans), but at the overall level.
  • Describing the organisation. The relationship between the specifi ed roles, the separate test levels, and the relationships with the other stakeholders in the system development process must be determined and laid down.
  • Allocating staff After it has been established which test roles must be fulfi lled in the test process, people are allocated to each role. Clearly, their availability and competencies in relation to the knowledge and competencies required for the relevant test roles are taken into account (see section 8.6 “Test professionals” and chapter 16, “Test Roles”). One person may fulfi l multiple roles, which often happens in iterative development environments. In this case, you should be alert to confl icting responsibilities!
  • Establishing training and coaching requirements The people involved in the test levels must have various types of knowledge, i.e. of testing, the business domain, and the system. At the overall level, organising training courses for people involved in the test levels must be taken into serious consideration. We also recommend informing the various parties indirectly involved in the test process, such as project or line management, about the importance of (structured) testing via a presentation.
  • Establishing consultation and reporting structures. Communication must occur with various parties from the total test process. It must be agreed with each party whether consultation and/or reporting will occur, and the aim and frequency thereof.

Exit Criteria

check-TMap_9.gif A description of the test organisation, laid down in the master test plan.

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