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Determining the planning

Based on the planning of the system development process, the test strategy and estimated effort, an overall planning for the total test process is created.


Creating the most reliable possible overall planning for all in-scope test levels, so that the client can take it into account or make adjustments. The principle of the planning is to fi nd the most important defects fi rst within the framework of the strategy and estimated effort.

Exit Criteria

check-TMap_7.gif The overall planning for the total test process, laid down in the master test plan Entry and exit criteria per test level Strategy, estimated effort and planning with feedback from the client Optional: Tolerances for strategy, estimated effort and planning.

The planning must at least contain:
  • Activities to be executed (at the phase level per test level)
  • Relationships with and dependencies on other activities (in or out of the test process and between the various test levels)
  • Time to be invested in each test level
  • Required and available resources (people and infrastructure)
  • Required and available lead time
  • Deliverables.

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