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Determining the test strategy


Formulating the assignment is one of the vital parts in a test process. When establishing the assignment formulation in the master test plan, arrangements concerning the overall test process with the stakeholders (including the client) are made explicit. Expectations are mutually aligned. The assignment formulation in the master test plan constitutes the overall assignment for all underlying test levels. The assignment formulation of each test level must be in line with it.


Based on the product risk analysis, deciding which characteristic/object part must be tested how thoroughly in which test level.


  • Determining test levels
  • Many organisations distinguish a unit test (UT), unit integration test (UIT), system test (ST), sometimes a functional acceptance test (FAT), a users acceptance test (UAT), and a production acceptance test (PAT). The UT, UIT and ST usually are the responsibility of the development organisation. The future user organisation is responsible for the FAT and UAT. The future (technical) system management organisation is responsible for the PAT. It is preferred that reviewing also be part of the master test plan.
  • Many organisations have a standard classifi cation of test levels. The test manager must examine in how far he must or can deviate from this. If the test levels have not yet been established or deviations are possible, in this step the test manager investigates the desired classifi cation in test levels while taking account of the results of the product risk analysis.
  • Determining thoroughness of testing per characteristic/object part per test level
  • After the test levels included in the scope of the master test plan are determined, the specifi ed characteristics/object parts from the product risk analysis are allocated to the test levels. This results in alignment between the various test levels that are executed within the project.

Exit Criteria

check-TMap_5.gif The test strategy, including explanation, laid down in the master test plan. Summary description per test level, with at least the aim of the test and person or department responsible.

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