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Development tests

Development tests Development testing is understood to mean testing using knowledge of the technical implementation of the system. This starts with testing the first/smallest parts of the system: routines, units, programs, modules, objects, etc. After it has been established that the most elementary parts of the system are of acceptable quality, the larger parts of the system are subjected to integral testing. The emphasis here is on data throughput and the interfacing between e.g. the units up to the subsystem level.

Place of development tests The development tests are an integral part of the development work executed by the developer. They are not organized as an autonomous process for an independent team. Despite that, a number of different activities for the development test process, with their mutual order and dependencies, can be identified and described with the aid of the TMap life cycle model. The detailed elaboration may vary per project or organization and depends, among other things, on the development method used and the availability of certain quality measures.

An important quality measure is the concept of the agreed quality. To this end, the expectations of the client in relation to the craftsmanship and product quality must be made explicit during the planning to set up development testing. Examples of other quality measures are: test-driven development, pair programming, code review, continuous integration, and the application integrator approach.

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