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Essentials of Visual Studio 2010 testing tools

Visual Studio gives you the testing tools to be more productive throughout your testing life cycle of planning, testing and tracking your progress. These testing tools are integrated with Visual Studio Team System, which lets you define your testing based on the same team projects that other areas of your organization are using.
Use the following topics to help you with testing your application:

Planning Your Testing Effort: You may choose to plan your testing based on either requirements or user stories. You can link your tests to these requirements or user stories and then plan which are the configurations that you want to use to run these tests. Alternatively, you can create test suites based on other criteria to use to plan your testing effort.

Defining Your Testing Effort Using Test Plans
Creating and Managing Tests: You can create and manage both manual and automated tests as part of your plan. You can create test cases to be run as manual tests with individual test steps from Microsoft Test and Lab Manager. Automated tests, such as unit tests, load tests and automated UI tests, can be created by using Visual Studio. Later, if you choose, you can convert test cases to automated tests by linking automation to the test case.
Creating and Managing Tests
Setting Up Environments To Run Tests or Collect Data Remotely: You can use environments to set up what types of data to collect remotely, or how to impact the system, when you run your tests. For example, you may want to collect code coverage data, emulate a specific network connection, record your UI actions for a manual test, or collect diagnostic trace logs to help reproduce a complex bug.
Setting Up Environments to Run Tests or Collect Data Remotely
Running Your Tests: You can run your tests and save these test results to use to measure your testing progress.
Running Tests
Submitting Bugs: You can submit bugs with detailed information that you collect when you run your tests.
Submitting Bugs
Tracking Software Quality: You can measure your testing readiness, track your testing progress and the status of bugs.
Tracking Software Quality

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