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Establishing the assignment

Formulating the assignment is one of the vital parts in a test process. When establishing the assignment formulation in the master test plan, arrangements concerning the overall test process with the stakeholders (including the client) are made explicit. Expectations are mutually aligned. The assignment formulation in the master test plan constitutes the overall assignment for all underlying test levels. The assignment formulation of each test level must be in line with it.


A test process starts with formulating the assignment, so that the aim, tasks, responsibilities and authorisations of testing are clear to all stakeholders.


  • Formulation the party giving the assignment to create the master test plan and execute the tests.
  • The party responsible for creating the master test plan and/or the execution of the test assignment.
  • The test manager supports the client in the formulation of a concise assignment.
  • Describe the purpose of the test process.
  • Describe the boundaries of the scope of testing.
  • Describe which aspects are outside the scope of testing.
  • Preconditions are understood to mean conditions imposed on the test process by third parties, such as the client, the project or the users, within which the test process must operate.
  • These are external conditions or events that must occur to ensure the test process’ success, but that cannot be controlled by the test process. In other words, these are the requirements of the test process vis-à-vis others.

Exit Criteria

check-TMap_2.gif The assignment formulation as laid down in the master test plan.

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