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Estimating the effort


Formulating the assignment is one of the vital parts in a test process. When establishing the assignment formulation in the master test plan, arrangements concerning the overall test process with the stakeholders (including the client) are made explicit. Expectations are mutually aligned. The assignment formulation in the master test plan constitutes the overall assignment for all underlying test levels. The assignment formulation of each test level must be in line with it.


Estimating the required effort for the total test process based on the test strategy, so that the client can approve it or request adjustment.


  • The estimate in the master test plan constitutes the framework for the estimates per test level (e.g. system test, users acceptance test, and production acceptance test).

Exit Criteria

check-TMap_6.gif The estimated effort for the total test process, including assumptions, laid down in the master test plan.

Estimation techniques

Choosing the estimating techniques in particular is a step requiring experience. There are various estimating techniques to help assess the required effort. The steps to create an estimate are described in chapter 11 “Estimation Techniques”. An estimate for a master test plan can be made on the basis of:
  • Ratio figures
  • Test object size
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Proportionate estimation
  • Test point analysis (TPA)

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