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Execution of the agreed tests

Execution Phase.

The aim of the execution phase is to obtain insight into the quality of the test object through the execution of the agreed tests.

The actual testing takes place during this phase. The test object is delivered and as much as possible has been prepared in the preceding phases in order to keep the test execution as brief as possible.

Most activities in this phase will be executed from Test Center the run test environment.

test test.png


The following conditions should be met before the Execution phase can commence:
  • The test object, or a separately testable part of the test object, should have been delivered.
  • The test scripts for the test object, or the separately testable part of the test object, should be ready.
  • The intake of the associated test infrastructure should have been completed successfully.


  • 13.png Intake of the test object. To establish whether the delivered parts of the test object function in such a way that adequate testing can be carried out.
  • 23.png Preparing the starting points. To prepare the starting point required for the execution of the tests.
  • 33.png Executing the (re)tests. To obtain test results, on the basis of which evaluation of the test object can take place.
  • 4_1.png Checking and assessing the test results. To analyse the differences between the obtained test results and the predicted results in the test scripts or checklists.

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