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Intake of the test object

To establish whether the delivered parts of the test object function in such a way that adequate testing can be carried out.

The method of operation includes the following subactivities:
  • Checking completeness of the delivered test object
  • Executing the pre-test.

Checking test object

With the aid of the checklist created in the Specification phase, the delivered test object is checked for completeness. This is done by the test manager, assisted by (where this role is taken) the test infrastructure coordinator.

See in the TMap Guidance: Specifying the test object intake

Executing the pre-test

As soon as a (version of the) test object is installed, it is important to carry out a pre-test. This takes place before the actual testing begins. The purpose of the pre-test is to evaluate whether the test object is of sufficient quality for testing. The pre-test is carried out by executing the test script that was created for this during the Specification phase.

The pre-test as negotiation reinforcement. With a pre-test, the test manager’s position is strengthened considerably when he wants to argue that the clock has not yet started for the main test. That is to say, if from Monday, 10 days of test execution were planned and the pre-test only succeeds on Wednesday, the 10 days only begin from Wednesday. There is room for discussion here, but the test manager will have a much stronger negotiating position.

It regularly happens in practice that systems are wrongly delivered or wrongly installed in the first days of testing, thus delaying the start of the test execution. This is not only a waste of time, it also demotivates the test team. It is important to consider this when creating the test plan.

A successful pre-test is a condition for the starting of the subsequent activities in the Execution phase.

pre-test cases are executed from Test Center. It is advisable to take the pre-test scenario and automate it by using the record and playback functionality of test manager or with Coded UI tests. These pre-test will probably also be used in further iterations to proof the stability of functionality of in previous created iterations functionality

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