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Maintaining the infrastructure

A pitfall in the planning is to assume that the installation of a new version of the test object takes no time. In a particular project, the first couple of versions took weeks because of the great complexity and instability of the entire test environment and test object. Later, this was optimized and subsequently never took more than a few days each time.


To keep the infrastructure (test environment, test tools and workplaces) available for the testers at a consistent level of quality.


  • Maintaining the workplace
    • Maintaining the workplace, so that it is and remains available to the testers, is usually an activity that is organized as standard within other maintenance activities.
  • Maintaining the test tools
    • The test tool can be maintained within the test project by the testers who use it, but also by a separate maintenance department (e.g. a permanent test organization).
  • Maintaining the test environment
    • The supply of the test environment on an ongoing basis, so that the testers are able to carry out their test cases and analyze their findings, covers a range of activities. These take place during the Execution phase.

Exit Criteria

check-TMap.gif Operational and maintained test infrastructure
check-TMap.gif Defects test infrastructure.

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