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Preparing the starting points

To prepare the starting point required for the execution of the tests.

Before the execution of the test cases in the test script can begin, the test object should be placed in the appropriate condition or situation. This not only involves the preparation of the test data necessary for the processing, but also the setting of the system and test environment in a particular condition.

Two types of situations of the test object are distinguished within TMap:
  • A central starting point for a number of tests
  • A starting point per test script.

Backing up the central starting point and checking this As soon as the test object has been placed at the central starting point and checked, it is advisable to create a backup. This can be restored at any given point. It is important to carefully check this principle of backup and restore before commencement of the tests.
When sufficient prepared in the previous phase this step is already fully prepared. Shared test steps are made, parameters are filled and the virtual environments are configured. Starting the testing effort only needs a small check if the correct build is in place, although probably this is already been done during the intake of the test object intake.

Visual Studio 2010 Starting Points.


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