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Preserving the infrastructure

In consultation with the future maintenance department of the infrastructure, an inventory is drawn up of which parts are now actually used (the configuration) and what is ‘worth’ transferring.


The aim of this activity is the identification, updating and transferring of the infrastructure under maintenance, in such a way that it can be used again in future (re)tests. This activity is optional.


  • Selecting the infrastructure
    • The decision should be made based on the consideration of what it costs to keep and maintain the infrastructure, and what it would cost to realize the infrastructure again at a later stage.
  • Collecting and refining the infrastructure
    • The description of the infrastructure in the “Detailed specification of the infrastructure” should be adapted to the configuration that is to be transferred. This is of essential importance, as otherwise everything will have to be created anew for future tests. It is important with this description to look carefully at the configuration of the workplaces.
  • Transferring the infrastructure
    • The configuration is transferred according to the adapted list in the document “Detailed specification of the infrastructure”.

Exit Criteria

check-TMap.gif Preserved test infrastructure.

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