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Setting up and maintaining the test infrastructure

The test infrastructure consists of the facilities and resources necessary to carry out the testing satisfactorily. A distinction is made between the facilities for test execution (test environments), for supporting the testing (test tools) and for the day-to-day work of the testers (workplaces).

To provide the required test infrastructure, which is used in the various TMap phases and activities.


With a test project, it is important to pay special attention to the setup and maintenance of the infrastructure. In order to keep the focus on this during the test, there is a separate phase within the TMap life cycle model. It is a phase that runs parallel with the phases of Preparation, Specification, Execution and Completion. For some activities, there are dependencies between these and activities in the other TMap phases.

Entry Criteria

  • Before the setup and maintenance of infrastructure phase can be started, the description of the required infrastructure at an overall level, including the general plan, should be known and established in the test plan and/or master test plan. If test tools are being used, it should be known how the various activities within TMap are to be performed.




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