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Specifying the infrastructure intake

Because the infrastructure is often supplied by parties other than the test team and because it plays a very important role within the rest of the testing, it is important to designate a formal acceptance point. At this point, it will be determined whether the products will serve the intended purposes and whether they meet the previously set requirements. (It is a kind of acceptance test of the infrastructure.).

This activity bears a close relation to the activity of “Specification of the test object intake” in the Specification phase. There are situations in which certain aspects of the infrastructure can only be checked with the aid of the test object or an early or interim version thereof.


To specify the method whereby the intake of the infrastructure is carried out.


  • Drawn up checklist
    • The checklist is drawn up on the basis of the specifications of the various parts. It should be available before the end of the previous activity (realizing the infrastructure), but preferably earlier, so that it can be used during the realization for interim checks.
  • Determine functionality
    • Determine whether the workplace, the test environment and the test tool are functioning.

Work Products

docx.png Checklist "Intake Test Environment" (download from TMap Next downloads).

docx.png Checklist "Intake Test Tools" (download from TMap Next downloads).

docx.png Checklist "Intake Workplace" (download from TMap Next downloads).

Exit Criteria

check-TMap.gif Intake procedure.

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