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Getting started with TMAP process template

Depending on if you starting a new project you have or you have an existing team project you want to adopt to the TMAP process their is different paths to follow. Getting started with a new project is the easiest path.

New project - "Install" the template

In order to "install" the TMAP process you or your tfs admin simply upload it as a process template to your team project collection. This is easiest done from within Visual Studio 2010. Select Team menu, expand Team Project collection Settings and select Proces Template Manager. In the Process Template Manager dialog, select the Upload button and in the file Select dialog, select open the "TMap for VS2010 (MSF Agile) RTM" folder. This will "install" or upload the TMAP process template making it avaiable when you want a new team project based on TMAP process template.

New project - Creating a team project based on TMAP template

The next step is to create a new team project based on the installed TMAP template. Again this is by someone in the role as tfs admin. Simply right click on the project collection in team explorer and select new project. Give it a name and click next,
In the next form you select the TMap process template as and click next. You can now go through the wizard and create your new Team project based on the TMAP process template.

Adopting an existing team project

If you have an exiting project you want to adopt to the TMAP process template, you have to do some manual steps. The first step is to ensure you have a process template adopted to TFS2010 Once you have a TFS2010 template you can follow the guidance how to adopt it to TMAP in this document.

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