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TMap process template guidance for Visual Studio 2010

This guide contains information about the use of the structured testing approach TMap and the support Visual Studio 2010 provides. Together with this guidance three process templates are delivered which are supportive to TMap and Visual Studio. See VS 2010 TMap Process Template 1,2 and 3 for more information about the different templates.


This guidance is available in three different formats:
  • Online on, Not available on Tmap.Net, yet although it's available here and on the codeplex site you currently are. The online guidance have the following characteristics:
    • up to date, the content is constantly up dated and maintained by TMap and Visual Studio experts from around the world.
    • non editable, it is impossible to edit this content with a personal flavor for personal or team use.
    • social features, because it is impossible to change the content for users features like adding comments and ratings are added to leave a personal message about usage. for sure this feedback will find it’s way back in the guide.
    • searchable with your favorite search engine.
  • Onsite on a team project portal or blogenginge (this one can be found in the sources, download add the Sogeti TMap Theme and upload the files from the sources). Onsite guidance have the following characteristics:
    • Content is editable to add a personal flavor to it.
    • based on a SharePoint wiki.
    • standalone installation for multi project guidance.
  • Offline printed, with the characteristics (still TBD):
    • readable in a plane/ in bed/ in the park
    • you can write on it.
    • no battery problems.

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eliassal Feb 21, 2012 at 9:30 AM 
No link is working on this page (yet although it's available here) nor the blogengine link

AllenFeinberg May 5, 2010 at 4:01 PM 
I've tried to go to the links for the online process guidance from the link that says: "available here" but it takes me the following link: and I need a login an id. Where can I get the process guidance documentation for this TMAP process template?