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TMap for VS2010 Beta 2 Process Template(s) 1,2 and 3

It’s a bit useless to deliver a process template only for the testing practice, although there are situations where it can be used. But, mostly the conditions are that testing practices are executed during the software development lifecycle or better application lifecycle, see Testing in the Application Lifecycle. So, the offering for a structured testing approach needs to fit the software development lifecycle.

This challenge is also in place with the Secure Development Lifecycle Process template. The SDL team made template for secure software development, what is really great, but actually every software development process should be secure. So secure processes should be merged with existing templates as Brian Harry writes in his post “The Microsoft SDL Process Template and the Future”

I think everyone understands that we don’t just want “one template for secure software development”
The same is for testing. There is one big problem… process templates don’t merge very well. So, what we did to deliver TMap for VS2010 is creating several templates.

First a standalone template. I know it’s useless in most situations, but for example when a customer want to manually test the application disconnected from the development team another situation where you can use a standalone template is in our test lines and StaaS offering, both situations where we are testing manually the application disconnected from the development environment, but with a TFS connection.

The second template delivery we made is a combined one. TMap processes combined with the In-the-box MSF/ CMM templates. Now I know nobody uses these templates without editing them. But, by providing a combined version people / companies who do a small edit on the existing in-the-box templates can use these.

The last delivery is a bit more challenging and we didn’t finalize this one yet. We are delivering the XML so you can manually merge the TMap processes with your own template.


Standalone TMap process Template.
Combined TMap processes with the MSF Agile and CMM process templates.
TMap processes merged with any existing templates.
Which one would you like to use?

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