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Test basis finding

During the preparation phase of the test plan the tester asses the test basis, this assessment provides information about the completeness, consistency, accessibility and translatability into test cases of the provided information. This assessment will result in a testability report, which provides information about:
  • provides feedback on the quality of the test basis and its impact on the planned test program
  • discusses the weak spots in the system design timely
  • obtains information on project risks.

Beside this very important information for the project also a learning cycle can be created with information about the quality of the ‘requirements and design’, see image below.


These are the two main reasons there is a work items type called “test basis finding”… it provides a mechanism to collect store and prioritize findings on the test basis, which is essential for the project quality. And, it provides a learning curve for the complete organization.


The work item type ‘test basis finding’ is inherited from the work item type ‘bug’, but not connected because the different characteristics of the artifacts they report on.

Reports available for this work item are Test Basis Finding Status Report;

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and Test Basis Finding Trend Report.

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Both with the same characteristics as the bug reports

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