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Test infrastructure coordinator

About test infrastructure coordinator

The test infrastructure coordinator is responsible within the test team for contact with the parties charged with the setup and maintenance of a high level of availability of test infrastructure (test environment, test tools and workplaces for the tester). This role is preferably fi lled by one person, often on a part-time basis. If a suitable individual cannot be found, the tasks within the role can be distributed among several people.

  • Ensuring timely availability of the test environment
  • Ensuring timely availability of test tools, with planning and controlling tools being required earlier than test execution tools
  • Ensuring timely availability of workplaces
  • Coordination with other parties on test infrastructure

  • Solving defects/incidents in the area of test infrastructure
  • Impact of test infrastructure change proposals
  • Specifications of test infrastructure
  • Costs of using test infrastructure

Required knowledge and competencies:

  • Knowledge of the TMap life cycle
  • Knowledge of test tools

  • General knowledge of hardware, environment software, connections and environment data
  • Specific knowledge of hardware, environment software, connections and environment data necessary for the system under test
  • Knowledge of the operation and administration of the system

  • Knowledge of the processes in the organisation that provide availability of test environment, test tools and workplaces, both for structural and problem-solving issues
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Active in (management of) problem-solving

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